3 Extra Expenses That Your Car Insurance Might Cover

car insurance in Tennessee

Standard liability coverage helps pay for damages when you cause an accident, and collision coverage provides additional protection for you and your passengers when someone else causes the accident. However, your insurance policy can do much more. When looking for car insurance in Tennessee, consider adding these extra benefits to your plan.

1. Theft, Fire and Vandalism Coverage

Standard plans focus on accident protection, but they don’t include protection against theft, fire and vandalism. You can add extra coverage to replace the cost of stolen property and repair your vehicle when thieves and vandals strike.

2. Towing Coverage

If your car is inoperable after an accident, you need to tow your car to a repair shop or dealership. Check your current plan for towing cost coverage, and note whether you’re covered for a certain mileage or dollar amount.

3. Glass Coverage

Broken windshields and windows are expensive to fix, and your basic insurance may not cover the cost of replacement without a deductible. Extra glass coverage can pay for the entire replacement cost so that you can continue to park and operate your vehicle safely.

Check Your Policy

If you’re looking for car insurance in Tennessee, consider the extras that each plan provides. Review your current policy and make sure you have all the coverage you need.