Mitigating Risk in Financial Institutions

Financial institutions are exposed to a variety of risks in the course of their business operations. External sources such as robbery and market conditions can be detrimental. However, one of the growing sources of losses in the financial sector is due to internal sources. This isn’t just limited to banks either. Investment firms, brokerages and trusts can also be exposed […]

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Why MEL Insurance Is Important for Marine Industries

maritime workers' compensation insurance

A majority of businesses procure insurance in the form of workers’ comp to protect employees from risks associated with workplace hazards. For the marine industry, workers’ compensation insurance is no less important; however, it is not sufficient for many of the unique risks attributed to maritime jobs. Maritime Employers Liability Insurance (MEL) is designed to address the gaps in workers’ […]

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What Is Commercial Lines Insurance?

Insurance policies either involve personal lines or commercial lines. These terms are well known to those in the insurance industry, but most people who obtain insurance don’t speak about their policies with that terminology. Simply put, commercial lines are insurance products specifically for businesses rather than individuals or personal property. Commercial lines insurance programs are incredibly important for a business […]

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Keeping Your Clients and Cargo Safe With Insurance

broker liability insurance

Freight brokers form a crucial part of the supply chain. Without them, companies would find it harder to secure the kind of transportation their cargo needs. Likewise, without a broker, transportation companies might make fewer trips than they could. That is why brokers must find the right kind broker liability insurance in order to keep their company, and thereby their […]

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Three Things to Include in Personal Protection Plans


Effective security measures take into account a person, the location, and the assets at stake. It could be personal safety that is threatened, or it could be a cyber risk. As a higher risk category for theft and loss, there are several elements of protection that need to be included in personal security for high net worth individuals. Use Technology […]

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Workers Compensation Insurance for PEOs


Professional employment organizations have become a large part of the workforce as more and more companies look to experts to manage the staffing needs they have in various technical or otherwise specialized positions. These co-employment arrangements are not entirely new, but they are unconventional compared to traditional employment, and the liabilities and risks that need to be managed for them […]

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Understanding Contract Fulfillment Guarantees

Bond Insurance

Many organizations require a form of guarantee of work and payment when hiring different professionals like contractors, licensed operations, and suppliers. A surety bond becomes a contract for this guarantee, with a third part company offering the financial support for the contract. How Do Bonds Work? As the information at explains, there are three parties involved in a bond […]

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Basic Information About the Maritime Industry


While a general member of the public may not be too well versed in the maritime industry, it’s good to know that it exists in nearly all of the 50 states and represents over 400,000 employees across the country. You don’t necessarily need to be an expert in the field, but here are a few helpful bits of information. Types […]

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3 Reasons You Should Always Have Workers’ Comp Coverage

Worker Compensation

Worker compensation laws vary from state to state, but most require businesses to carry some form of coverage. Instead of viewing this coverage as an obligation, however, you should consider it an investment in your workers and the success of your business for three main reasons. 1. Coverage Is the Law Rules vary, but businesses with more than one employee […]

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Cyber Risks on the Rise for Medical Imaging

Cyber Risks in Medical Imaging

Healthcare companies are not immune to cyberattacks and data breaches. With the growing use of electronic medical records, the risks for a cyberattack have increased in recent years. The cyber risks in medical imaging have risen as a result. Image Storage Radiologists and radiology companies store digital images from a variety of scans from basic x-rays to PET scans and […]

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